Aluminum Connectors

Why Aluminum Connectors from MG Electrica?

MG Electrica’s Aluminum Connectors meet the highest quality requirement and ISI standards. Use of High Quality Pure Conductive Aluminum of 60% IACS imparts high safety and good current rating properties.

Description of Aluminum Connectors

  • Material : Conductive Aluminum 60% IACS
  • Finish : Polished Aluminum
  • Size’s : From 1.5 Sqmm to 1000Sqmm

Application of Aluminum Connectors: Jointing Kits for joining two cables.

They are widely used for applications where electrical wire is terminated to a machine or electrical equipment. They are used for terminating cables where vibration is critical.

Dimensions of aluminum tube are designed to suit suitable Sqmm of cable for giving complete electrical conductivity and mechanical strength to withstand vibration & pull off.