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How to Use Electrical Butt Connectors

Butt Connectors are manufactured by MG Electrica, a leading Electrical component manufacturing company. We offer Butt Connectors of various standards. Butt connectors are used to join two wires together or splice in a repair section after cutting out a bad wire section. They are primarily used in automotive applications and can be used on wires carrying electricity, ground wires, or audio and speaker wires. They come in many different sizes that correspond to the wire size they are intended to be used on. Connecting wires with butt end connectors will give you a solid, long lasting connection

When creating a connection between two wires, crimping the two wires into an insulated butt connector is a popular choice. Many car stereo installations rely heavily on crimped butt connections. This method eliminates the need for soldering, and it can provide just as reliable a connection in a fraction of the time of traditional soldering. And, when considering this connection can be made with a minimum of tools, it’s easy enough for anyone to do it

  • Locate the two sections of wire to be joined and strip 1/4 to 5/8 inch of insulation off the end of each section. Make sure there is no power running to these wires to avoid shorting something out, blowing a fuse, or otherwise damaging the electrical system
  • Select a butt connector that corresponds with the wire size you are connecting.
  • Twist the end of the wire with your fingers to entwine the strands. Slide the wire into the butt connector until the bare wire is completely inside the metal sleeve in the connector.
  • Crimp the metal connector around the wire using crimping pliers. Do not mash the connector to the point that the outer insulator breaks as this could cause a short.
  • Insert the second wire into the opposite end of the connector and crimp the connector closed. If this wire may be exposed to the elements, you can wrap the the connector tightly with some weather resistant electrical tape for added security.

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