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Why cable Connectors from MG Electrica?

Cable Connectors are used in crimping, Cable Connectors are manufactured by MG Electrica . Buy Cable Connectors of various standards at MG Electrica. Cable Connectors are devices used for connecting cables to electrical appliances, other cables, surfaces, or mechanisms. The clamps that connect wires to an automotive battery are a common example of a cable lug, as are the ends of battery jumper cables. Designed to be easily installed and removed for repairs or maintenance, cable connectors area generally used when permanent, direct-fastening methods are not feasible or necessary.

The words “cable” and “wire” are sometimes mistakenly interchanged. Cables are made from multiple wire strands, while wires consist of a single strand. Both cables and wires may be used with cable lugs of a suitable type.

We offer a wide range of cable connectors which are manufactured in conformance with various National and International standards such as Indian Standards, DIN Standards, Australian Standards & British Standards.

We have a state of the art manufacturing facility based in heart of the Industrial hub at Satpur in Nasik.We have also tested our cable connectors from National Testing House (NTH), Mumbai as per IEC 61238-1-2003 Standards. We are an ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 Certified Company.

MG Connectors gives you a perfect joint as it is made of Electrolytic Grade Copper and annealed to give you a very good crimpability.

The seamless barrel designed lugs are ideal for heavy-duty 600V+ applications. Wire ranges from 8 AWG to 250 MCM with a variety of stud hole sizes can be crimped with industry standard tooling. The flared barrel entry accommodates easy insertion of stranded wire. Additionally, inspection sight holes are an available option.


Material     : ETP Grade Copper BS 1977 : 1976

Finish         :  Electro Tinned to avoid oxidation and to achieve maximum corrosion  protection.

Annealing : To avoid cracking during crimping.

Internal Taper at both ends to ease the introduction of cable.

Dimple if required to ensure correct positioning.

Application of Cable Connectors : Cable Jointing Kit.

Various Standards :

Indian Standards  Cable Connectors
DIN standards  Cable Connectors
BS Standards  Cable Connectors
AS Standards  Cable Connectors

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