Copper Connectors

Why Copper Connectors from MG Electrica?

We offer a wide range of copper connectors which are manufactured in conformance with various National and International standards such as Indian Standards, DIN Standards, Australian Standards & British Standards.

MG copper connectors gives you a perfect joint as it is made of Electrolytic Grade Copper and annealed to give you a very good crimpability.

Description of copper connectors:

Material     : ETP Grade Copper BS 1977 : 1976

Finish         :  Electro Tinned to avoid oxidation and to achieve maximum corrosion  protection.

Annealing : To avoid cracking during crimping.

Internal Taper at both ends to ease the introduction of cable.

Dimple if required to ensure correct positioning.

Manufactured as per DIN46235, IEC61238, Australia and Indian Standards.

Application of copper connectors : Cable Jointing Kit.