Crimp Terminals

MG ELECRTICA is backed up by a team of young, qualified & talented individuals who are motivated to deliver high quality products & remarkable service to all their customers.

Our highly qualified & dedicated staff, efficient process designs & constantly updated technology systems have always helped us in being committed to timely & qualitative production.

We are committed to satisfy all our customers with quality products that meet requirements on time & follow strict ethical code of conduct. This has helped us become the most preferred choice of all our existing customers today.

Conductivity :

All our input raw material is thoroughly checked by conductivity meter. We use only ETP Grade Copper, with 99.99% purity, 97.6% conductivity. Aluminum is 60% IACS.

Brazing :

We do brazing with 2% silver rod, which gives an even layer. Lugs are then checked for ID blockage and extra lump of brazing. We also conduct a bend test at seam to ensure that there is no cracking.

Crimpability :

The crimping test is carried out on the pull test meter. We ensure that the material is at optimum softness so that operator can crimp terminal with minimal efforts, we also ensure that it is hard enough to sustain deformation.

Plating :

We give 5micron plus tin-plating after proper cleaning. This avoids oxidation of copper so better contact. We do testing of lugs by micro-processor based meter at finished good inspection.

Insulation :

The insulation process does not show any stress marks of color changes even with extreme crimping. We also conduct dielectric tests to ensure that the insulation of sleeve is of good quality, and will not degrade in high temperature environments.

Annealing :

We do systematic annealing using electronic automation in oven. This reduces stress in copper and hence there is no cracking.


All terminals go through deburring and polishing operations to eliminate all sharp edges, which may otherwise hinder fixation on the conductor.

Inspection Process :

We follow first piece inspection and regular process inspection. This helps us to identify bur during power press, blanking operation, ID problems during brazing. So there are no problems in wire insertion. All the products go through polishing and deburring operations to remove all the sharp edges, which may otherwise obstruct fixation on the conductor.

Packing & Dispatching :

The products are sent for final inspection where they are rigorously checked before preceding it further to the packing department.